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Advanced sudoku solver software (solves sudoku from logic)
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Author:  surendra.jain [ Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Advanced sudoku solver software (solves sudoku from logic)

I have written a sudoku solver software that can solve all the sudoku puzzles (even the hardest and toughest sudoku puzzles) from pure logic. I have implemented most of the advanced sudoku solving techniques (XY-wing, XYZ-wing, swordfish,jellyfish,squirmbag,nishio,bowman bingo,Adrianne's thread and many others) in my software. The source code of my sudoku software can be downloaded for free from my website :

The sudoku solver software is better than most of the sudoku software available in the internet . I am working on developing a graphical user interface of my software that can give hint like other sudoku solvers.

I have also attached a zip file of my source code. Happy Sudokuing !!!

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