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 Post subject: Sukaku Explainer
PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:22 am 
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Sukaku Explainer is a Sudoku/Sukaku/9x9 variant solver/generator/helper with GUI and Command line functionalities

It is a GitHub collaborative project which modifies the popular Sudoku Explainer v1.2.1 using the same JAVA platform and attempts to keep the same look and feel of sudoku Explainer.

It is still backwards compatible with Sudoku Explainer v1.2.1 using a Options menu selection "Bring back SE121"

Sukaku Explainer 1.14.7 is the latest release.
Main Repository page has a brief description of the project
The main Wiki page for the Sukaku Explainer project which will be updated hopefully with each release.

The Main changes with this release is the full integration of some popular 9x9 variants:
    Latin Square
    Disjoint Groups ((DG, P)
    Windows (W): With Sudoku it is known as Windoku, Hypersudoku or SudokuW
    Diagonals (X): With Sudoku it is known as SudokuX or Diagonal sudoku
    Girandola: Extra group
    Asterisk: Extra Group. With Windoku it is known as Clover
    Center Dot: Extra Group

In The GUI, there is a new Menu "Variants" where the variants can be selected. You can combine variants although you can only select one out of "Girandola, Asterisk or Center Dot"

The Disjoint group has a multi-coloured cell layout. Some of the hints cell highlighting has been modified to accommodate this.

In the Edit menu you have 2 new options:
Copy Grid81 variant regions: This copies the 81 character grid with some variant regions to clipboard
Copy Pencilmark variant regions: This copies the Pencilmarks with some variant regions to clipboard

I added new techniques targeting variants:
Generalized intersections: Rated 2.9
Generalized Naked sets (Pairs, Triplet, Quad and Quintuplet)
When changing into variants, the default techniques change accordingly. It is recommended that the default techniques are used.

The Strong links techniques (3, 4 , … etc) are the only techniques not supporting variants yet. These have been disabled by default when any variant is selected.

Sudoku Explainer 1.2.1 mode can be selected from the Options menu (Bring Back SE121). The new revised rating can also be selected from the same menu.

The Welcome window will refresh with each variant selection and would show the variants being in use in addition to version number. The GUI frame will always have the variants and version in the top left corner.

The command line options have full control over the variants. visit the for full information.

The full set of techniques available are
01: 1 Hidden Single
02: 1 Direct Pointing
03: 1 Direct Hidden Pair
04: 1 Naked Single
05: 1 Direct Hidden Triplet
06: 1 Pointing & Claiming
07: 0 Generalized Intersections
08: 1 Naked Pair
09: 0 Generalized Naked Pair
10: 1 X-Wing
11: 1 Hidden Pair
12: 1 Naked Triplet
13: 0 Generalized Naked Triplet
14: 1 Swordfish
15: 1 Hidden Triplet
16: 1 Scraper, Kite, Turbot
17: 1 XY-Wing
18: 1 XYZ-Wing
19: 1 WXYZ-Wing
20: 1 Unique Rectangle / Loop
21: 1 Naked Quad
22: 0 Generalized Naked Quad
23: 1 Jellyfish
24: 1 Hidden Quad
25: 1 3 Strong-linked Fishes
26: 0 Generalized Naked Quintuplet
27: 1 VWXYZ-Wing
28: 1 Bivalue Universal Grave
29: 0 4 Strong-Linked Fishes
30: 1 Aligned Pair Exclusion
31: 0 5 Strong-Linked Fishes
32: 0 6 Strong-Linked Fishes
33: 1 Forcing Chains & Cycles
34: 1 Aligned Triplet Exclusion
35: 1 Nishio Forcing Chains
36: 1 Multiple Forcing Chains
37: 1 Dynamic Forcing Chains
38: 1 Dynamic Forcing Chains (+)
39: 1 Nested Forcing Chains

--techs controls which techniques are used
Default --techs=111111010111011111111011101101001111111
V1.2.1  --techs=111111010111011011011011000101001111111
Variant default --techs=111110101110111111110111001101001111111

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