SudokuSolver is a Sudoku helper and solver program which will help with the following problem types:
  • Standard Sudoku
  • Killer
  • Jigsaw
  • Jigsaw Killer
  • Zero Killer
  • Diagonal variants
  • Gattai
  • Windoku
  • Non-Consecutive

You can use it as a training aid, as a recording tool or just as a solver to give you the answer to those more complex problems.

The solver routines have been built on original logic over a period of time inspired by many wonderful problems at and elsewhere. Some of the features of the user interface have been inspired by Ruud's Sudocue and Sumocue software - the rest is mine.

As well as supporting standard Sudoku puzzles, this version handles Killer Sudoku, Jigsaw and Gattai puzzles. It also handles variants such as Diagonal, Non-Consecutive and Windoku. The latest version provides additional support for hybrid Gattai puzzles, with different grids having different attributes.

The latest version of the software v3.6.5 can be found here

New Forum for SudokuSolver discussions

A discussion forum has now been set up to provide a home for the exchange of puzzles and solving techniques. This is picking up from that is experiencing some difficulties at the moment. You can find the forum Here

If you like the software, why not let me know at the link below? And if you really, really like it, why not make a donation to that address through paypal?

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